Are stainless steel countertops a green addition to your kitchen?

eco friendly countertops

It is very complicated to select a perfect countertop to a kitchen and you need to install the countertops according to your kitchen cabinet area. Moreover, there are numerous alternatives for determining best countertops which are available in the market. Subsequently, the majority of the people impute granite countertops in their kitchen and bath projects. Even though granite countertops have a tendency to hog the spotlight, it makes a difficult task for the granite to be stable. It is important for the people to acquire the right type of countertop to their kitchen.

Eco-friendly countertops

Typically in order to lead an Eco-friendly life, the people have started to utilize their kitchen by fixing Eco-friendly countertops. However, the varieties offered in the market increased over time and now let us stare at few models of countertops in the following:

1. Recycled glass slab. Consequently, it is better to install recycled glass slab rather than natural stone. Generally, granite and marble countertops are widely used and the main purpose of using fewer natural stones is that they deplete the earth’ resources. This particular countertop will emulate a luxurious look and the manufacturing process of this glass slab is not very Eco-friendly.

2. Paper composite. People in house or apartment will fix paper composite countertops in their kitchen as they are cheaper and offer good durability without the icky chemicals. Moreover, they are fixed with a heat-resistant and comprise the air quality in a home. The paper composite countertops have a stigma attached to them in order to provide natural air flow in an Eco-friendly way.

3. Ceramic tile. Mainly ceramic tile countertop possesses an excellent durability and it is very easy to clean. Perhaps this particular countertop is considered to be a best choice as the price is inexpensive and it will be resourceful product for homemakers. The ceramic tile is produced from recycled content such as light bulbs and bottles and it is biodegradable. So by the use of this recycled content, this countertop serves as an Eco-friendly product.

Stainless steel countertops

Stainless steel countertop was invented in 1900 and its first appearance was made for commercial kitchens. One of the best countertops to your kitchen cabinet is stainless steel countertop as it furnishes a smooth satiny finish and also it adds a green value to the entire house. Moreover, this countertop will last for a long time, if maintained with a good care and it is popular among the homemakers. Basically, it exhibits a unique look and stainless steel countertop is offered in different colors and varied sizes.

stainless steel countertops

Features of stainless steel countertops

Ironically make sure that you select stainless steel countertop and finally you would experience that your kitchen looks classy and presents seamless appeal. Now let us gaze at the features in a brief manner and they are as follows:

  1. Besides this steel countertop has a stain-resistant pack and it is considered as a great choice for a perfect Eco-friendly kitchen.
  2. Also the stainless steel is a very strong material and it can be scratched and dented like other materials.
  3. Usually, the price of stainless steel countertops depends upon the type of location and quality of the product. Perhaps it may be $50 to $ 125 per square feet covered.
  4. Further this steel will be an Eco-friendly product only if it is manufactured using recycled steel or any recycled content. Or else it cannot be classified as green.

Alternatives for granite countertops

Apart from this, there are wide varieties of non-granite countertops added to your kitchen cabinet and all of the products are readily available in the market. Only the people are responsible to select the right kind of countertop suiting their kitchen area. It is time to look at some of the alternatives for granite countertops and they are discussed in the following:

1. Carerra marble countertop. One of the best countertop is Carerra marble as it is a softer stone than granite. Consequently, it enriches the look of your kitchen and portraits a unique characteristic of material kind. Mainly this particular countertop will last for a longer duration.

2. Soapstone countertop. This is one of the soft, non-porous countertop available in the market and in spite of its softness, it possesses a resilient appearance in your kitchen. Further this type of countertop will intend to lead an Eco-friendly life since it acts as an excellent heat insulator.

3. Wood countertop. Perhaps wooden countertops are currently enjoying a bit of renaissance and the wood counters require periodic oiling in order to prevent them drying out.


Therefore, it is essential to cop out the best Eco-friendly countertop to your kitchen with a way to add green addition. Even the stainless steel countertops have been used broadly for their vast features and their technique adopted towards resistance of heat. Further the above guidelines will definitely be of great use and it is up to you to select the right source of countertops.