Solena to produce Aviation fuel using a waste and a plasma reactor!

plasma EcyMl 7071
Modern fuel technology is not just aiming at becoming more efficient and more eco-friendly, but the true motivation for those who seek to perfect the technology of harnessing energy is to be able to convert even what is normally considered trash in to energy. That is exactly what a company based in Washington D.C is aiming to do with some high-end technology at its disposal. Solena Group hopes to build the plant in Gilroy, Calif., and will use raw material from municipal, agricultural and forestry waste supplied by Norcal Waste Systems, one of California’s largest municipal waste and biomass collectors.

Solena’s process uses 6-8 plasma torches at 5000 degrees C in a large reactor that they call the “gasification island”. The company also says it can then use the syngas to power a combined-cycle gas turbine to produce electricity or feed it into a Fischer Tropsch reactor to produce aviation-grade liquid diesel fuel. Solena claims that this process converts biomass to gas at up to 90% efficiency.

The company currently has four projects in the permitting stage, including a 20-28 MW plant in the Czech Republic and a 15 MW plant in Spain. The new technology ensures that it converts what we normally throw away as trash in to energy. This will really help as not only does it give a new fuel option, but an option with a very high efficiency.