Snakes and bobbers to shape the future of Tidal Power

pelamis power generator

We told you about the future prospects of tidal power generators yesterday and here we are with some unique designs that have the potential to eventually power 1,500 homes with 2.25 MW of clean electricity.

The project has been undertaken by Camcal, who was selected by Ocean Power Delivery to provide a total of 12 segments for the project. The cost of the project is estimated to be somewhere around the £6 million mark.

The riveted design will be a 450-foot sear monster that slithers across the waves and harnesses the energy of the waves in the generators provided in the joints.

While the Pelamis project features a snake, a completely different project is making use of yellow bobbers. Tidal pioneers in Oregon are developing this project. The project has been termed as a permanent magnet linear generator buoys and features a metal coil within a boobing buoy surrounding a magnetic core that is attached to the ocean floor. As the ocean currents move the machine, the coil inside moves around magnets producing electricity.

Via: Eco Geek