Simpsons Krustyland takes you on a green ride of joy

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I suppose there is no one out there who would not like to hit the couch and watch and episode of The Simpsons and nearly all of them would love to go on the Krustyland joy ride. But it is a bit hard to imagine that a greedy and eternally selfish corporate crown will greet you and accompany you on a green ride that saves both power and also gives you a ton of joy. But then if you have been a fan of the show, this is pretty much normal proceedings taking place.

Krustyland is engineered to echo the eco-friendly sensibility dramatized in The Simpsons Movie last summer, which found the city of Springfield encased in a giant bubble after Homer dumps garbage in the lake. According to Universal officials, the Simpsons Ride boasts the largest lighting installation of LED lamps in theme park history. The ride’s 2,582 energy-saving LED lights expend 27,675 watts per hour. That’s less than a third of the 82,909 watts that would have been consumed by standard incandescent lighting used by the conventionally powered attraction previously on site, according to Universal.

This means that the company is saving more than what is consumed by two other such rides. In the case of the ride in Krustyland, the power saving ability is being advertised and is being hyped not just to draw crowd but also tell all those who are fans of the show that the planet is indeed important and that it is our duty to heal a wounded planet that we call home. Now it would be interesting to hear Krusty’s take on it with a cigarette in his hand and a bottle in the other!