Simple ways to recycle beer cans

Reduce, recycle and reuse are the three important keywords that could avert hazardous effects caused by human beings on the environment. For instance, beer containers and soda cans can be recycled or reused, instead of being discarded away as garbage. There are infinite opportunities to reuse them; all you need is a creative mind that can play around with materials to design innovative items using wastes like beer bottles.

Beer can radio

While most of us think that the best way to recycle beer cans is to simply cut open the top and use it as a pen stand or a small planter, someone in South Africa is actually jamming to music and hooking on to the latest news doling out of a radio made out of used bottle tops, cans and scrap metal. With the antenna going up and down, the reception is believed to be just fine.

72 recycled beer cans surfboard

One might wonder if it’s possible to use beer cans to make a surfboard. San Diego based artist, Rich Morrison, has designed a surfboard with 72 beer containers. Morrison’s surfboard has a sleek and aerodynamic design to suit the ocean drags. In fact, his surfboard has two fins and a curvy tail to provide the required drift force while surfing through the ocean waters. His ambitious project has inspired a number of surfers and designers to take up similar projects with used items.

Beer Can art

Artworks can be expressed in any form and with any materials. One can sculpt prototypes a building, temple, and so on using old used beer cans too. All you need is a few tools and ideas to create them effectively. A well expressed artwork could even fetch paid projects and assignments to people, if they work with dedication and hard work.

A recycled 6 pack flower vase

Making flower vases from beer cans is one of the most successful ways of reusing them. In fact, creating flower vases from beer cans is quite easy. One just needs a plastic sheet for the base and a beer bottle for the main vase. A six container combination has been widely preferred by people for their flower vases. However, any number of beer cans can be fixed together to create your own flower vase.

Beer can chair

If you drink lot of beer, you can opt to build a chair with the used cans. All you need is sufficient glue and perspex to fix the beer cans together. Start by taking measurements of the length and breadth of a sample chair, or assume considerable dimensions on your own. Position the cans in a row on the floor and glue them together. Now according to the measured dimensions, create the number of rows required and fix them together. Once you have completed the base row, proceed to the second row above it and further on. Leave generous gap for the seat and build the arm rest with the containers and glue them. Building a chair with beer cans can be a time-consuming process. However, you may use this idea to build smaller attractive stools,etc.

Butterflies from beer cans

As mentioned earlier, there are no limits of creating various artwork forms from beer cans. Paul Villinski, an artist by passion, has created pretty butterflies using empty beer cans. He made several butterflies of varying sizes and positioned them on walls aesthetically. Taking inspiration from his designs, one may create many distinct shaped butterflies using beer cans.

Recycled beer can hats

Artists and designers have proved that it’s possible to create hats using beer containers. Cut used cans into small, flat pieces and stitch them together with other hat materials, including cotton overalls or wool.