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Significance of Renewable Energy

The biggest issue that threatens the world today is our reliance on fossil fuels and the diminishing natural resources. Burning fossil fuels for energy has additionally led to increasing pollution with the high release of greenhouse gases. It is imperative that we save the depleting natural resources to secure the environment as well as the fuels that we and our future generations heavily rely on. Renewable energy sources can be a breakthrough for this problem. Here are some reasons why renewable sources that can be a solution to this problem.

Importance of renewable sources of energy


Sources like wind and solar energy are constantly replenished and can serve as sources for powering many modern gadgets. With a variety of commercial and industrial uses, solar energy can be used for heating and lighting, generating electricity, hot water heating, and solar cooling. It also drives winds, which can be used for hydroelectric power generation.

Once the current infrastructure and technology are improved to comply with these sources, generating electricity can be a cheap and environmentally conscious process. The carbon print of these renewable sources is minute when compared to the nonrenewable energy resources, which can help combat the current climate problems.

  1. Price efficiency

Complexity in utilization, volatility, and instability in prices make fossil fuels and gas less acceptable in long-term situations.  Prices of renewable energy, on the contrary, have had significant price drops over time. Solar energy has seen a prominent price drop of 80% over thelast seven years. Offshore and onshore wind energy also hold significant price drops of 25% over the years.

  1. Secure energy


While nonrenewable sources are frequently concentrated in certain regions, accounting for high costs in transporting workers as well as fuels, making them more challenging. Reducing a country’s dependence on importing fuels, renewable energy is domestic and can be cultivated as a secure source of energy. Clean and reliable domestically cultivated energy has added local applications.

  1. Sustainability

Heavy metals such as mercury are a chief component of the toxic wastes produced by coal mining and petroleum refinement. Burning coal produces byproducts such as arsenic, lead, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and mercury into air and water. These pollutants are important causes of respiratory diseases, acid rain, and depletion of ozone. Renewable sources of energy are cleaner and environmentally inclined in their production as well as usage. Our fragile ecosystem demands careful handling to preserve the planet for our future generations.

  1. Long-term certainty


When considering long-term price evolutions, solar, the wind, and tidal energy are solid competitors to conventional gas and fossil fuels. The Wind, geothermal, biomass and solar energy hold unlimited potential. A balanced mix of these renewable energy sources with traditional burning fuels can satisfy all our energy requirements without depleting the natural resources. An average wind or solar farm can function for 25-30 years when operating on updated technology and equipment. Hydropower plants can operate for even longer durations without any decrease in efficiency.

  1. Boost in economy

With the rapid shift towards renewable energy, employment rates can be heightened thus boosting the economy. The current period where most countries are recovering from recession can benefit immensely from renewable energy sources by employing local workers without the cost of transporting labor to import energy.

  1. Political standing

The global clean energy race has an important role in the global politics. Political, as well as economic benefits, are immense by utilizing renewable energy sources. Political ties can be strengthened by sharing the technological advancements between nations. Coordinated projects between countries for renewable energy are soon going to be implemented.

Solar, the wind, and tidal energy hold promising applications because of their immense importance in replacing nonrenewable sources. Environmental, political, economic, and infrastructural development are promised by these naturally renewed sources of energy.

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