Shipping containers recycled into stylish eco friendly dwellings

repurposed shipping containers 2 JZqvs 5784 Transforming discarded shipping containers into inhabitable dens is a great eco-housing trend that is catching up rapidly. If not put to appropriate use, these castaway containers only occupy space on our land. Logical Homes in California is gearing up to offer nine models of container homes for construction around Southern California. They are estimated to be about $100 cheaper than the average cost of per-square concrete construction in that area. Ranging from 640 to 3,250 square feet, these corrugated metal shipping containers are enhanced with large windows and custom paint. Energy-efficient appliances and bamboo flooring add to the eco-equation inside, while recycled denim insulation helps keep heating and cooling demands to a minimum. On other hand, New York-based architect and artist Adam Kalkin has been building homes with repurposed shipping containers since the year 2000. Adam quotes that such housing options are no longer considered weird. Rather, people now accept it as a very viable alternative. It also turns out to be a affordable option as building concrete structures requires more investment. Hurricane proof, flood proof, fireproof, these container dwellings are ideal for areas susceptible to natural calamities. Via: Trendir