Self-sufficient AQVA habitat blends underwater world with upper environment

self sufficient aqva habitat 1

Eco Factor: Energy-efficient habitat doubles as water purification system and a space generator.

Designed by Abel Patacho and Theodora Christoforidou from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the “AQVA habitat” is a unique structure that weaves a beautiful relationship between the underwater and upper environment through the water dynamics cycle. It behaves like a double structure machine that is designed to act like both a water purification system and a space generator able to adjust, modify and characterize an environment.

self sufficient aqva habitat 2

The energy-efficient AQVA habitat comprises of hexagonal components that combine together to create a neighborhood for social interaction. The domesticity of the neighborhood is recognized through the strong negotiation promoted in the intermediate spaces and the rotation of the membranes that react to that social dynamic interaction. The self-sufficient habitat is a sustainable and aesthetically appealing space for urban living.

self sufficient aqva habitat 3

self sufficient aqva habitat 4