SeaKinetics develops tethered tidal energy generator

seakinetics hydrowing 1

Eco Factor: Device to convert tidal energy into renewable electricity.

SeaKinetics has developed a tethered tidal and marine current energy generator that can provide zero carbon emission renewable energy by converting tidal energy into renewable electricity. The patented device, dubbed the HydroWing, operates anchored, submerged at a variable depth and is capable of operating in depths up to 150m.

A farm of similar devices can be constructed underwater, which can then be connected to an underwater power substation. Each individual HydroWing device self-aligns to the flow and can be independently controlled to vary its depth according to requirements.

seakinetics hydrowing 2

The HydroWing system is equipped with a hydrofoil lifting surface which counteracts the downward pull created by the mooring cable acting against the drag forces. Since the system is submerged, the devices are safe against any storms, wave actions and even debris.

Via: Ocean Power Magazine