SeaJet Capsule: Stylish yacht sports a solar hood

seatjet capsule

You might not have seen too many five meter yachts around. In fact, you might have not seen any, as the SeaJet Capsule designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini is one-of-a-kind. This cute little luxurious yacht allows you to surge ahead full throttle while still enjoying calm evenings wrapped in lavish comfort. The design of the SeaJet Capsule makes it not just float away on waves in style, but saves on fuel at the same time.

seatjet capsule 2

While the boat is not completely powered by solar energy, the photovoltaic panels on top of the SeaJet Capsule are used to power some of the internal needs of the yacht. That includes charging up your gadgets and also powering the cooling system inside the SeaJet. With its photochromic glasses to keep you away from the sun and in-built entertainment center for the party times, the SeaJet is the perfect weekend getaway.

seatjet capsule 3

The solar panels on the top allow you to go on longer rides with greater fuel efficiency thanks to solar energy sharing part of the energy needs. This also makes for a good back-up in case you happen to run out of fuel at any point of time. With a ride on the SeaJet Capsule, you will need the sun for a lot more than just a good tan!

seatjet capsule 4

seatjet capsule 5

Via: Virtual Car