Screen doors that you can use to make your home green and natural

We all like to have our homes clean and well maintained, well lit and ventilated to allow fresh air and natural light to fill our space and lighten our spirits. While it would have taken an effort to have your home made and embellished to suit your tastes and preferences, it might not take much to add the feel-good factor by going green and natural with screen doors. Your opportunity to be conscious of your environment lies right at your doorsteps. And you would be in for a fresh breeze of surprise to know that you are part of a movement geared towards going green, even as you are rewarded positively for the efforts that you take towards installing screen doors for your dream home.

Natural and Eco-friendly Screen Doors

Screen doors are the best way to have homes well ventilated, allow natural sunshine and fresh air in, while preserving safety and security. Screen doors are either aluminum framed or wood framed, with thick mesh replacing the solid parts of the traditional doors. The aluminum framed screen doors could be roll formed from thin sheets of aluminum, which are relatively less expensive, or they could be extruded from the thicker versions that make for stronger screen doors that cost a bit more. You could also go in for wood framed doors, where the frames could be made of mahogany, oak or poplar. So, what do you gain with screen doors?

1. Ventilation

Ever wondered how it would be if walls let the winds blow into your homes even as they protected you and your family? That’s what screen doors are all about – they ventilate your home and flood it with natural sunlight just when you need them the most.

2. Eco-friendliness

Now, that’s the key point where you no longer have to rely on electricity to reduce the growing warmth. Why do you need to add to global warming by switching on the air conditioner or by drawing expensive electric power, when all you need to do is to let fresh breeze fill your home? Installing screen doors in your home could just be your way of displaying solidarity with the forces that have joined hands to reduce the stress and strain on the earth’s resources while thriving on renewable energy for human needs.

3. Ease of installation

If you think that something as significant as screen doors that you can use to make your home green and natural, need a significant effort to put in place, you will be surprised at the ease with which you can install screen doors wherever you want them in your home at any of the exit points to the garden or the patio and on to any other existing door.

a. Occupies virtually no space. Have you thought of a door that takes up no space at all and yet offers all the comfort associated with a traditional door, and offers lighting and ventilation on top of it all? You could go in for retractable screen doors that are easily installed right next to any existing door, which would slide across using roller bearing wheels made of steel on top and at the bottom. And if your home is along the coasts, you could also opt for corrosion resistant wheels, giving longevity to your screen doors. There are also screen doors that retract into a protecting cassette and virtually disappear when you do not want them around.

b. Low maintenance. These are doors that require no maintenance whatsoever and are protected by warranties for all mechanical parts during the first few years of installation. And when you have protective cassettes that the doors retract into, you would have nothing to maintain at all.

c. Safety and security. You could opt for medium grade or strong screen doors in terms of the thickness of the mesh in place. It means that you do not have to compromise on security for the sake of ventilation and being Eco-friendly. You could leave your main doors open and yet be safe from intruders. Further, you could feel safe that kids and pets would not slip through open doors, while the screen doors would keep insects and pests at bay.

d. Ease of access. Sliding and retractable screen doors also provide wheelchair access as they slide through, leaving no obstruction in place for those who would need unobtrusive access through the doorways.

With so many benefits associated with screen doors that take minimal investments for installations, you could go green and make your home perfectly natural with protection, natural ventilation and peace of mind.