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Say goodbye to plastic and hello to these eco-friendly alternatives

Nearly every other item we see these days is associated with some kind of plastic or the other. Be it the durability of the material, flexibility or long lasting appeal, the craze for plastics never ends. Sadly, plastic is not at all good for the environment.

It is non-biodegradable in nature, meaning it would remain in landfills and oceans for countless years, polluting the environment considerably in the process. The only possible solution to this problem would be to replace plastic with more eco-friendly alternatives like the ones mentioned below.



Plastic is derived from fossil fuels while glass is made out of sand. Hence, glass does not contain any harmful chemicals like plastic. If compared to plastic, glass is easy to recycle. In addition, you can reuse glass for several purposes, including storage containers, candleholders, flower vases, etc, in your home.

Liquid Wood

Liquid wood is a biopolymer

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Liquid wood is a biopolymer that can act and behave just like plastic. However, it is derived from pulp-based lignin and thus, is both renewable and biodegradable. This would make a perfect alternative for those who like the feel of plastic, but still want to protect the environment from petroleum-based products.

Jute Fiber

Hand holding hank of twine

Jute fiber bags are becoming a mainstay in many shopping outlets that have vowed to stop using plastic bags. Apart from being more durable than plastic bags, jute fiber bags are easy to wash and reuse multiple times. You can carry these jute fiber bags while shopping and avoid using the plastic bags offered by stores.

Milk Protein

MADE OF Milk Protein

Although milk protein is too hard and brittle for normal use, scientific advancements have led to the creation of milk protein that is more flexible and does not pose risks of cracking when bent. This milk-based plastic can emulate the qualities of petroleum-based plastic, but is biodegradable and thus, eco-friendly.

Corn based plastic

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Research in the field of biodegradable plastic alternatives has led to the development of a corn based plastic called polyactides (PLA) which can decompose within just 47 days of landing up in a dump. Made of corn, PLA does not release any toxic fumes when burnt. PLA based plastics can be used for manufacturing cups, containers, utensils and other consumer products.

Rising concerns about the adverse effects of plastic on the environment have led to the rise of more eco-friendly alternatives. These alternatives allow one to enjoy the same benefits as offered by petroleum-based plastic, albeit with the impacts involved.

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