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Saving up: Biodegradable packaging film helps keeps veggies fresh twice as long

There is little that is far worse than having to throw food away. Not that you cannot afford it, but more so because you should not be wasting precious resources when there are parts of the world where people are struggling to get a proper meal. Considering how the population of the planet continues to grow at an exponential rate and how the land available for agriculture is limited, wastage of food is not really something we can afford. On an average UK wastes about 7.2million tons of food worth £12billion annually and that is really a staggering figure. Similar stats would most likely come up for many other nations. But a brand new packaging material aims to buckle this worrying trend.

ackaging that keeps fruit and veg fresh

The revolutionary new packaging material that is currently being used for packs of Jersey Royal potatoes sold in Tesco has a property that allows it to let out the gases that are produced during food ripening. Since the film allows the gases produced n the natural process out along with moisture, there is far less chance of formation of moulds and decomposition of food material. This helps preserve both fruits and vegetables longer as it keeps them fresh for an extended period of time.

The best part about the new packaging material is that it is completely bio-degradable and hence you will not have any problem with the disposal of the material and industry experts believe that technology like this will significantly aid in reduction of food wastage as it keeps material fresher for longer and hence gives customers a longer window when it comes to consumption.

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  • this is a very innovative and a nice site for getting aware about our environment and making steps towards eco friendly so that we can make our contibutions to the nature.

  • Maina Kiragu

    How much longer does the packing keep the food fresh? where can i get the product here in Nairobi, Kenya?

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