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Salvaging from scrap: Recycled Door Coffee Table that costs just $31

There might be coffee tables that are crafted from vintage doors that would set you back by a couple of hundred dollars or so. But not everyone would wish to pay that amount for a coffee table that has been crafted from an old door. Moreover the purpose or recycling and reuse are better served if it is at a price range that makes it available to everyone. The Recycled Door Coffee Table made by a couple that loves to go the way of recycling when it comes to interiors, only costs about $31 and can be crafted by anyone out there with decent skills with simple tools.

Recycled Door Table

The idea started when the couple wanted a new coffee table and they went to the local Rebuilding Center to get a good door for their coffee table project. It cost them just about $10 to get one with a 5-panel door and this was ideal for crafting a coffee table. Then the process of transforming it into a coffee table involved the usual cutting and gluing along with a few wheels that were added to the base. The end result though is pretty cool and while this might not appeal to the taste of everyone, it has great utility factor.

It is not often that you are going to get a coffee table for $30. Moreover by crafting one yourself you can be proud of adding a new facet to your home all by yourself. Of course, there is also the moral high of actually recycling and reusing an old door and it sure to make a great conversation piece when people come over. It is not very hard to pull off and we are hoping that the images of this recycled door coffee table will inspire you on taking up your own green project with renewed purpose.

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