Russia Tower – Reaching new heights in natural ventilation system

russia tower

The Russia Tower, a venture of Foster and Partners, is a pioneering vision in the world of architecture. With an incredible height of 2,009 feet, it is a tad behind Taipei 101 and Burj Dubai. But the outstanding feature making it stand out is that it is envisioned to be the largest building in the world with a natural ventilation system. The ‘energy cycle’ concept is incorporated in its functioning wherein a hot water circuit will run through the building, distributing energy to regulate temperature and heating water. This energy cycle system is intended to chart new territories in sustainable architecture.

With state of the art infrastructure, its pyramidal design will maximize exposure to natural lighting. Also, there will be a row of green skygardens rising up the core of the building to draw in natural ventilation and provide social space for people. Expected as a gift to the world in 2012, Russia tower will be a home to retail, hotel, office, and residential spaces. A new generation of skyscrapers has arrived and it is aiming to create a horizon where green buildings meet the blue sky.

Via: Jetsongreen