Rotartica’s Solar-Powered Air Conditioning

Small Scale Solar Powered Air Conditioning

When the summer sun is scorching and squeezes sweat out of you, it would surely be a good idea to make use of it to even chill you down! – The Spanish company, Rotartica, seems to have done just that! You just put that sun-heated water in it, you get cold water out – ready to run to a conventional fancoil.

The hot water you pour in can be sourced from anywhere, but the always-very-expensive evacuated tube collectors have gone pretty affordable now. It has combined evacuated tube thermal collectors with a heated-water absorption chiller. And in the absorption chiller unit, the evaporator and condenser are the same as in conventional systems.

Absorption cycle

Interestingly, a chemical absorbent – LiBr — and a heat generator have replaced the compressor – significantly reducing electricity consumption. And, as the heater is made for residential use, it is simply fine with its size of 4.5Kw (1.28 tons). All these are packaged in a neat little box, ideal to place it at a corner of your room.

With no word on its price, we can only assume it to be somewhat expensive. And if it is so, its negligible operating costs — running when the sun is the hottest and electricity is in great demand — would surely compensate the expense in the long run. If you are in the US, and want to purchase one, visit here…

Via: treehugger