Eco friendly Recycling Machine in China: Nature being nurtured

000802ab8018098cff895b wAAZM 11536 Picture this: a machine which gives out money for every empty bottle it receives. Well, China is making news surely. Ahh, not just with the Tibet issue but also with innovative inventions. A drinking bottle recycling machine designed by a Beijing-based company for about 30,000 yuan (US$4,292) is what China boasts of at present. This machine accepts only plastic or aluminum containers by reading their bar code. Once the code matches, it gives out 0.10 yuan to the person who pops in the bottle.

Well, this effort is sure proving its worth since a sum of 3,000 empty bottles was received in the first week. This responsible environment drive on China’s part is truly commendable. What is important to notice here is that most of the people throw in bottles, not for money but for the sake of environment. Also, the Chinese government has hit correctly on waste collectors. The image of China is being spoiled by these waste collectors, said a Chinese official. Thus, the effort is actually a two-way effective drive. Well, as long as mother nature is being safe guarded, I do not mind politics or imagery getting in between. What about you guys?

Source: ChinaDaily