REVOLUTE concept – Innovatively designed electric vehicle for the future

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A revolutionary concept from the Harsha vardhan……….not the Indian emperor who ruled Northern India for over forty years but an industrial designer with the same name and from the same land. Intended for the Interior motives design awards 2008, the Indian designer has put together the REVOLUTE concept that ingenuously blends of form and function. It’s interesting to understand how well it is designed to responds to the users remote call by assuming the dynamic position. Also personalized messages can be flashed from the display along the entire cockpit! Gotto be careful while typing lovey-dovey messages!

revolute1 SOJBZ 5784
The response is triggered by the onboard computing facility behind the seat which activates the swivel arms enabling the change. Crafted out of advanced carbon fiber composites, it is also coupled with lexan windshield and doors.
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Roll out doors aid easy in-n-out and also couples up as a display screen. The pod houses the inferiors a swivel seat, steering system and also the on-board computer. Fuel cells and battery stacks for the wheels are present in the base. In wheel electric drive is powered by the fuel cell station in the main cockpit. Swivel arms aid in connecting the pod.
revolute3 R2nwZ 5784