Researchers at CASE develop cost-efficient solar generating system

case solar facade 1

Eco Factor: Glass-based solar generating system maximizes output.

Researchers at The Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE) have developed a unique concentrating system that is pleasing to the eye as well. The system is made using rows of pyramid-shaped glass receptors that move with sunlight throughout the day.

case solar facade 2

The pyramid shape allows the structure to concentrate sunlight on a small photovoltaic cell located in the center of each pyramid. These receptors can be installed in existing buildings and can be built into new designs as well.

case solar facade 3

The glass pyramids are connected with wires to a tracking mechanism that not only amplifies energy generation but also increase the amount of natural light entering the premises. The design is also meant to capture thermal energy trapped inside glass that can be used by heating and cooling systems.

case solar facade 4

case solar facade 5

case solar facade 6

Via: Inhabitat