Recycling Opulence: Stunning chandelier crafted out of discarded plastic waste

Take one look around your home and you will see the amount ‘throw away’ stuff that you use. Plastic bottles, cartons, a few containers and lots of plastic packaging combine to form a large chunks of the trash that you put out on a regular basis. While we just put our garbage in a bag and just assume that it will be taken care of, all of this most likely will end up in a landfill. The rate at which we are going, maybe someday it will be next to impossible to continue such waste disposal methods and a better recycling and reuse system needs to be in place. Artist Katharine Harvey tries to convey this exact message with her latest creation called ‘Chandelier’.

Now on display at World Financial Center Winter Garden in New York, this 21 feet high and 15 feet wide chandelier might appear like a lavish creation from a distance that has been elegantly crafted in glass. But, as you walk towards it and take a closer look you will realize that it has been crafted from nothing but discarded plastic bottles, old egg cartons and takeout containers, which would have all been in the dump yard if it were not for Katharine Harvey.

It took about five people an entire week to put together this giant eco conscious piece of art and Harvey hopes that her work will spread awareness as people pause and think about how what we normally consider waste and how we discard plastic without a regard for the planet’s well being. The ‘Chandelier’ also plays of the irony of looking like an opulent glass design from a distance and turning out to be a recycled creation when you get closer. The idea here is to encourage innovative reuse and responsible recycling and the 400 pound Chandelier gets that message across loud and clear.

Via: Dnainfo