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  1. Ruchika Pahwa
    Aug 02 - 7:28 am

    As a responsible individual, we are bound to take care of our environment and contribute whatever is possible to keep our environment clean and green. Though in a busy life, many of the people do not realize the way to being Eco-friendly, there still are a lot of small steps they may take. If you are a nature lover and wish to remain green in a concrete city, you may also follow these steps while you utilize various things and objects in your daily life. While you go out together with your friends or travel to work, try using a carpool than stressing yourself everyday driving your own car. This would not only save on fuel, time, money and energy, but also save the environment from harmful gas and carbon emissions. Additionally, for shorter distances, you may go on foot, instead of taking out a car or bike to ride on.Similarly, you may check about your nearest recycling center and request for trash collection services so your household waste can be recycled. There are many such other steps you may take to contribute to your environment in a healthier way. While going for shopping, you may carry an Eco-friendly bag instead of using plastic bags. The same way, you may become a reason to cut on the food transportation needs in your city if you start purchasing organically produced food from the local farmers’ market. To save on the perishable resources, you need to conserve them, and such an effort could be a helping hand to save the environment. Try saving water at home when you use it in several activities – shorten your showers, or use less water for washing and cleaning. Also, you may cut down electricity and energy usage by unplugging any electronic devices and appliances you might not be using at home.In addition to all this, you may start using objects made of recycled paper, plastic, bamboo and similar materials. Your regular household items can easily be replaced by the biodegradable, recyclable and naturally safe items. This is the best manner in which you could reward the environment. So, try using Eco-friendly products and plant more trees in your garden so you may get a breath of fresh air and a cleaner environment, and do not forget to spread the awareness among your friends!

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