R-3: Pedal powered carrier for selective recycling of trash

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Recycling trash is a concept that is catching on fast across the planet and despite the efforts of many it still has a long way to go before changing the face of the planet to the desired extent. The fact remains that most of us dump all the stuff in the same place and really do not care for putting the right stuff in the right bin. In fact, in many of the nations across the planet (like my own) all the trash goes in to just one big bin which is always over-flowing and most people always throw stuff around it rather than in it. But with the R-3 that could all very well change and of course it would need some intent too.

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The R-3 project is aimed at citizens who deal with selective collection of recycled materials, such as aluminium recipients, cardboard boxes and other stuff. The R-3 aims at using both its unique design and wonderful concept to spread the concept of recycling and to promote. It uses of a 26” bicycle (rear wheel, frame and handle bar) joined to a collecting container (78,5 x 39,5 x 27,5 inches / L x W x H), presenting easiness to connect and reverse to bike mode. The vehicle serves its purpose pretty well.
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The R-3 has a loading capacity estimated in 237 gallons (900 litres). The container is divided in chambers specified for the collection of trash in the specified way without mixing them up. It is important to understand that various types of trash should not be mixed together and that is all the more true in case of plastic and used batteries. The R-3 will hopefully spread the concept.