Quick recycling aid: Drink Sustainable

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Since most parties these days involve an unholy amount of booze, and more often than not an unholy number of partygoers who really don’t give a damn about putting empty cans of beer in places where the organizers of the party can find them i.e., not under couch cushions and behind furniture, cleaning up after a get-together can really be a bitch. It’s especially worse if you happen to believe in recycling. This is where the Drink Sustainable design created by Brenda Osorio and Rodrigo Ambriz comes into the picture. The thing basically is a very large piece of cardboard with holes for putting empty cans of beer. After the party is through, the organizers can simply take the whole thing away, and separate their recycling without having to turn the whole house upside down cleaning up first. Of course the success of this venture would require invitees to have a sense of cleanliness and order even after drinking like fish, but that is a story for another day!

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Source: Idealist