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Pumping Power: Outdoor Gym turns your workout sessions into a clean energy source

Some of us might be a touch more philosophical than others and while that serves well under most conditions, when it comes to hitting the gym, it is definitely a big hindrance. There are times when you are lifting those weights and at some point during all those ‘sets’ and repetitions you start feeling what the hell you are doing. Yes, you are trying to lose weight and get that chiseled look, but it would be indeed nice to have a bit more of an incentive that is a lot more visible and is short term in nature. That is exactly what the ‘Great Outdoor Gym Company’ offers with its new Gym in northeast of England.

great green outdoor Gym

While there are already several indoor gyms that offer the added incentive of converting your sweat and pain in the gym into energy that can charge up your small gadgets and gizmos, this one in England is the first outdoor gym to offer the same. The gym produces energy from all those workout sessions and the treadmills and while it might not be very significant at the moment, it can at the very least charge up your phone or iPod for sure.

This really is a nice little bit of extra motivation that one might need to hit the gym really hard and you can even have those one-on-ones with your buddy to see who charges up the iPod faster! All of us like definitive and measurable incentives that we can see and the outdoor gym offers exactly that and the fresh air obviously also does you plenty of good. Maybe in future we will have treadmills at every street corner and in offices that will allow you to charge up gadgets with a 20 minute jog… Sounds good to us.

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