Protect, energize your iPad with eco friendly Mini L solarbag

SolarbagBe it your iPad or any smartphone, preventing your gadgets from external injury like scratches calls for a big concern. Considering this in mind, Element5’s tailored an ecofriendly solarbag suitable enough to be your iDevice’s reliable comrade. And they call it the e5 Mini L. These refreshingly easy handling miraculous satchels for your gadgets not only protect your electronic stuff from damages, but they look trendy. Undoubtedly, this revolutionary bag will usher new technological advancement for the ecofriendly generation in attaining the maximum mobile power via solar energy.

SolarbagDefining the new line of earth approved satchels, the Mini L solarbag utility has been designed to seamlessly go with any of your favorite gadgets. Name any iDevice and this “mini miracle” will perfectly compliment it. With a perfect finishing, this solarbag guarantees high quality performance. It’s for the first time a solar bag has utilized the revolutionary eMicro-Battery, highly standardized at quality smartphones recharging.

And all new (BluCell) solar panel has been added to efficiently utilize the solar energy. Certain information regarding this beauty like the charging duration is still undefined with many more highly unsatisfied with the price tag. But if for you, pricing issue comes secondary, reward your gadgets by ordering this eco-friendly solarbag available for 348 Swiss Franc (or $412) only.

Via: Engadget