Phone made from recycled plastic!

post a phone

I wonder if Alexander Graham Bell ever thought his invention would go through this kind of revolution or evolution should I call it? The fittest phones did survive right? Well, theoretically speaking, slim ones are usually fit. So is this aptly called Post A Phone, for it is just 4mm thick made of recyclable card or plastic, designed by this man Priestman Goode. Haven’t really heard of this man but his idea is really cool. There is no difficulty in transporting this product. It fits in a regular A5 size envelope and can simply be sent through mail. As you would expect it is very light, handy, easy to carry and sleek. Post A Phone is essentially meant to serve as a back-up phone when all your phones say, run out of charge or just wouldn’t work for some reason. Having a phone just as thick as plywood sounds fanciful.