Why should I prefer eco friendly prefabricated homes?

My friend has recently bought an eco friendly prefabricated homes even we are planning to buy a home. And my dad wants it should be eco friendly. But personally I don’t find any difference in eco friendly and other homes. It would be great help if you guys can tell me benefits of eco friendly prefabricated homes. Thanks.

  1. Green Pack Precasa offers consisting of 3 sets. These systems meet the needs of energy, water and heating. The installation of such equipment in your home not only help your home has minimal environmental impact but also these systems provide significant economic savings for their owners.The systems included in this pack are:Skystream 3.7 Wind TurbineThe Skystream 3.7 wind turbine is the first large wind turbine supply for domestic use. This system fully covers the energy needs of a single family home with 4 bedrooms. The Skystream 3.7 wind turbine is the perfect solution to turn your house into a home energy self-sufficient.Use of rainwaterEvery year you lose vast amounts of rainwater for not having our homes adapted for their use. Our kit is to use the rain water falling on the roof of our homes and carry that water to a tank where it later will be used to supply water to toilets, washing and watering the garden.In addition to this system, we offer the option of adding a gray water treatment. This system also collect rainwater collects used water from the shower, tub, sink and washing machine. This water is cleaned in the treatment system for gray water and then used again for toilets, washing machine and garden irrigation.With this system you can save up to 60% water.Pellet BoilerThe pellet boiler is to this day considered one of the cleanest systems to heat our homes. Unlike boilers, gas / diesel fossil fuel-burning boiler operation using organic waste pellets. The pellet is a long grain of the wood-based. It is composed of organic matter caused by a biological process, in other words the natural waste that nature leaves every year. This fuel is also called biomass.For more information on the ecological Precasa kit contact our sales department and inform you in detail about these systems and now they can enjoy from day one.

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