Power Pack: Portable fuel cell that offers your gadgets some juice on the move

There is no denying the fact that fuel cell technology is the way forward when it comes to clean and efficient power sources. While solar energy and wind power work amazingly well for fixed installations, when it comes to automobiles and charging up on the move, fuel cell technology seems to hold amazing possibilities that will usher us into a future that will hopefully see roads that sport zero emission vehicles. That though is still some way away, but Geert Verellen offers a fuel cell power pack that will provide you with necessary charge, while you are on the move.

Power Pack Graduation Project

The Power Pack is a concept design that sees a small portable unit that contains a fuel cell within and can be hooked up to your devices for some much needed juice when you are away from all the sockets and comforts of the conventional grid power. This is of course an absolute delight to those who love to travel, camp and are constantly on the move.

Geert Verellen does not really offer many more technical details about the ‘Power Pack’, but it promises to offer clean and silent energy with its methanol tank and fuel cell stack. It will be interesting to see a prototype of a gadget like Power Pack and exactly how much output it can offer as it will probably encourage many more of us to go green. The idea is not just to generate clean energy, but also a source that is ultimately efficient as well.

Via: Coroflot