Pospisil’s Acadia Tree tower design splendidly merges nature and concrete

tree tower 1

Inspired by the Acadia tree, Czech architect Petr Pospisil has introduced a new building design, the Acadia Tree tower. The architectural wonder is proposed to look like an Acadia tree, but with office spaces, elevators, conference halls, accommodation facilities, restaurants and swimming pools. The outstanding thing is that the structure needs minimal footprint in the city it is in, because it raises its head in the city on three massive legs, which will house offices, commercial spaces and elevators to whisk people to the top, the real living space on the structure. The design is definitely a brilliant idea for a dense city.

tree tower 2

Plants and grasses around the Acadia Tree tower make it a fantastic experience for nature lovers. Plants wrap up the entire structure from its large three pillars to the terrace. The open terrace, which is meant to look like the building as a bird’s nest highlights plants and trees like in a lawn. The idea of the design marvelously realizes the concept of nature and human in the top of the city, unlike the traditional concept of nature in the ground and humans in the top.

tree tower 3

Three legs of the structure grow shining grass in the middle furrow adding aroma of green foliage in the whole length of the tower. The green pillars add much into its splendor. The relaxing area of the Acadia Tree has expanses of grass, plants and trees looking like a green heaven in the city from the top. The area is proposed to provide some respite for people who reside or do business in the complexes below. Swimming pools, restaurants, sports areas, spa, tanks for rainwater harvesting and solar panels make the structure a great wonder for green and architect lovers.

Via: Evolo