Paper Dress: A wonderful story of recycling

jolis paons phone book dress2 1333 LDRr9 179
Ever wondered about the old phone book lying in the corner of your living room, assisting you to find every sundry number be it a pizza corner or a local store? What fate does it best belong to once its used and done? It may best be used as a paper weight or go to recycling bin. Well, this not so interesting end of a companion has been made into an astonishing beautiful dress by one Jolis Paons, who has actually pleated, stuck, sewed, and glued everything by hand. Purely made out of phone book paper, it is hard to believe that this very wearable elegant dress is actually made out of phone book! One really needs to be as creative as Jolis Paons to be able to design something so unique but for our part we can just sit back and appreciate the marvel.

Via: Styleguru / TrendHunter