Tiniest eco-friendly pre-fab homes

Gone are the days when pre-fabricated homes used to look like dingy boxes that could in no way be compared to a standard home. The more recent tiny prefab homes are miles ahead of their traditional counterparts in terms of style, comfort and sustainability. Here are 5 such tiny prefab houses that may look tiny, but sure do pack a punch in these three departments. Continue reading Tiniest eco-friendly pre-fab homes

Green building trends to look for in 2015

With serious issues like global warming or climate change challenging the very existence of human beings, need for green ways of living, or construction for that matter, has been felt more than ever before to make the world a better place to live. In fact, shattering the notion of in-thing or style, green buildings have now become the need of the hour that will more or less determine our future on earth. Here are some of the most prominent trends that are likely to influence the green building industry worldwide in 2015: Continue reading Green building trends to look for in 2015

5 eco-friendly schoolbags to start your kids on the green path

With the school season starting for the year, you would probably be busy shopping for school supplies for your kids. How about adopting a little change this year around and choose eco-friendly school bags instead. This way, you would be able to do your bit to save the environment. Don’t worry though, for your kids will definitely love these bags which are in par with standard school bags in terms of style and functionality. Here are 5 such eco-friendly bags you can consider this year. Continue reading 5 eco-friendly schoolbags to start your kids on the green path

The eco friendly Iranian salt restaurant

Emtiaz Designing Group has been the masterminds behind the clever idea of designing, a salt restaurant for the very first time in Shiraz, South Iran. The salt restaurant is designed after being inspired by the picturesque natural salt mines, and Marharloo salt lake in the region. The designers have imprinted the quintessential beauty of it in the indoors beautifully, making it one of the most enticing eco friendly creations of the world. Continue reading The eco friendly Iranian salt restaurant

Local couple invents a green glove dryer

Two years ago, Karen and Ryan a Michigan couple, noticed that their children always had wet gloves because of the snow and the ice. They were desperate to find a permanent solution to this problem. They were strong headed about finding a solution to the wet gloves, and this actually became a real motivating factor for the invention of the green glove dryer. Continue reading Local couple invents a green glove dryer

Solar powered wireless censor chip-scale IC

The German lab Fraunhofer IMS has added another major invention of self-contained solar powered wireless chip-scale IC, to the list of sustainable inventions around the world. This solar powered wireless chip has the ability to warn you when the windows are left open. Continue reading Solar powered wireless censor chip-scale IC

The artificial wind tree heats up your home

There is yet another addition to sustainable inventions going all round the globe. This time around, the invention of the wind tree that has made it big. This wind tree looks just like an ordinary tree, but to be honest it is quite extraordinary, as it has the potentials to warm/heat up your houses in cold. Its look of a tree has added alluring dimensions to being a power generator. Continue reading The artificial wind tree heats up your home

It is all eco friendly with LG Sky Charger

LG has made a respectable name for the self by fulfilling the promise it made in the recent past to emerge as a greener company. Sky charger’s launch is an invention that justifies the promise so made. LG’s Sky Charger is a gigantic mobile phone charger. It has the ability to charge 144 cell phones in an hour’s time. This huge charger runs on solar and wind energies. Continue reading It is all eco friendly with LG Sky Charger

Recycled cardboard mini batteries

Keeping your iPhone charged is no more a problem. The invention of recycled cardboard mini batteries by Tsung Chih-Hsien has made it easier for each one of us. This concept recently won the Red Dot Design Award, for being the most viable batteries that are eco friendly. These batteries are little cardboard capsules that have the potential to reenergize your dying phone. All you need to do is make a decision about how much battery time you need to buy. These mini chargers are available for 2, 4, and 6 hours backup. Once you use this backup you can recycle them by plugging them in. These batteries are therefore named Mini Power. Continue reading Recycled cardboard mini batteries