Plan an eco-friendly retreat with these green hotels

Spending a vacation in a luxury hotel may help you relax your body and mind, but these hotels go to any extent to allow comfort to their guests and thus, put eco-friendly measures at stake and increase their carbon footprints. However, with the arrival of ecotourism, many hotels across the world are switching towards eco-friendly measures to ensure clean, green holiday to travelers looking for a sustainable lifestyle even when on the go. Here we have listed some of the greenest hotels for travel enthusiasts who are fully committed to sustainability. Continue reading Plan an eco-friendly retreat with these green hotels

Green building 101: Knowing the basics

With modern cities fast turning into a jungle of concrete, need for sustainable building practices has been felt more than ever before to make a balance between urbanization and preservation of the environment. Green construction is not just about the building materials and architecture, but it covers different phases, ranging from location, designing to construction, and functionality and maintenance to restoration and even destruction of the homebuilding. It also involves conservation of water and energy and ensuring healthy environment for occupants. Here we have listed some of the basic principles of green building. Continue reading Green building 101: Knowing the basics

Countries that top the world for solar power generation

With shrinking fossil energy sources like oil, coal and natural gas, more and more users across the world are now switching (slowly but steadily) to the natural or renewable sources of energy to meet their ever-growing power needs. At present solar power is the leading source of renewable energy that apart from providing constant supply of energy and that too free of cost, barring the initial investment, also helps in sustaining the environment. Many countries worldwide are encouraging users to install solar panels for domestic as well as commercial use and offering various subsidies or tax benefits on renewable sources of energy. Here we have listed the countries that are spearheading the world in solar power generation. Continue reading Countries that top the world for solar power generation

Be the wise geek with a low carbon footprint

Innovations in technology has completely changed the life of people in past few years, as technology assists users in almost every sphere, from communication to entertainment and even regular household chores, of modern life. However, our gadgets are the main culprit of increasing our energy consumption at home and offices and thus, carbon footprints. Addressing the issue, tech companies and designers are coming up with highly efficient gadgets that use less energy while allowing optimum features. Here we have listed some of the gadgets that will cut down your energy consumption without compromising the performance. Continue reading Be the wise geek with a low carbon footprint

Floor materials with a love for the green, and tiny carbon footprints

Gone are the days when the very thought of eco-friendliness bring the picture of ordinary and lackluster yet expensive materials. These days green products and materials look as good as other popular counterparts available in the market, thanks to new techniques and the intense thought process on part of designers and manufacturers. Flooring may appear to be an ineligible part of a home, or office for that matter, to support the eco-friendly drive going on across the world, but now we have a number of flooring option that can help you reduce your carbon footprints. Here are some of the green flooring options for your home or office. Continue reading Floor materials with a love for the green, and tiny carbon footprints

Do you have a green home? Here’s a checklist to know

In this era where we are facing problems like climate change and global warming, designing a green home becomes essential for every homeowner. For developing an eco-friendly home not just provide a healthy environment for residents to live but also help them reduce their carbon footprints and thus, help sustain the environment. Making your home clean and green is not a big deal these days, all you need to be a bit thoughtful and make slight changes in the design of your home as well as your lifestyle. Here we have some simple yet effective tips that you must keep in mind while designing your home. Continue reading Do you have a green home? Here’s a checklist to know

Environment-smarts to employ when heating your home

Adopting greener ways to heat your home makes perfect sense in the present times. The green methods are not only environmentally efficient but also have low operation cost, saving you a lot of money for years to come. Here are some of the most effective and efficient ways to heat your home. Continue reading Environment-smarts to employ when heating your home

Tips to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

Today it is important to get on board and make your home environmentally friendly.  This is not only good for the environment and the world around you, but it is also good for your wallet.  Environmentally friendly homes are more energy efficient which means that they cost you less to heat and cool.


There are many easy changes that you can make in your home to help you have a more environmentally friendly space.  If you are building a new home then you can actually choose to build a green home from the ground up.


Environmentally Friendly Renovation Tips


Buy Gently Used Furniture – Buying gently used furniture helps keep these pieces from ending up in landfills.


Choose Green Furniture – Today there are also a number of green furniture companies that make furnishings with glues, stains, fabrics, and paints that do not cause harm to the environment.


Pick Out Natural Rugs – There are a lot of great benefits to choosing a rug that is made with natural fibers.  One big benefit is that many of these are allergen free which makes them perfect for children who have allergies or sensitive skin.


Replace Insulation – When you replace your inefficient insulation you are making it cheaper to heat and cool your home.


Choose Eco-Friendly Insulation – Today there are a number of alternative insulation choices that will allow for you to have insulation that is less damaging to the environment.


Install a Water Aerator – A water aerator is a great addition to your faucet.  It allows for you to use less water when washing dishes or cleaning because it inserts air into the water.


Pick Energy Efficient Appliances – Make sure that you pick appliances that have the Energy Star rating for efficiency.


Add a Compost Bin – A compost bin is the perfect addition to the kitchen to help you reduce overall waste.  Plus it will give you fresh compost for your garden so you do not have to pick up fertilizer as you will be making your own.


Use Recycling Bins – Recycling bins are also a great addition to your home.  Recycling can help you reduce the amount of garbage that you have.


Re-purpose Old Furniture – Another great tip is to take old furnishings and create something new out of them.  This is a great way to save money and help the environment at the same time.


Choose the Right Paint – Make sure that you choose paints that do not contain harmful toxins or chemicals that can be damaging to the environment.


Choose Eco-Friendly Refinishing Materials – Choosing water based paint strippers or using heat guns can help you to reduce your eco-footprint by not using harmful chemicals.


Use Ceiling Fans All Year Long – Most people realize that using a ceiling fan during the summer is a great way to cut back on energy costs.  What most people do not realize is that using a fan in reverse on low in the winter can help reduce heating costs as it helps the hot air to circulate.


Use the Right Window Treatments – There are some great window blinds and curtains available today that help to trap or block heat throughout the year.  Using these can reduce the amount of energy that it costs to heat or cool your home.


Pick Decor that is Organic – There are a nice wide range of organic cotton and bamboo bedding and linen choices.  You can also find throw pillows and decor that is eco-friendly.


Just because you want an environmentally friendly home does not mean that you have to cut back on key style elements.  Real Simple gives some great tips for choosing to be environmentally friendly throughout your home while still having the style that you desire.


Your sustainably clean house starts now

We often talk about factories, growing automobiles and big shopping malls for emitting carbon in the environment, but neglect the home products that can create indoor pollution and can be harmful for our health. Chemicals used in house cleaning products are the chief culprit of indoor pollution. However, we can replace these cleaning chemicals with natural product available in our homes that are as effective as other cleaning products available in the market. The best part is that they are much safer and does not harm the environment in any way. Here are some of the natural ways to clean different areas of your home. Continue reading Your sustainably clean house starts now

Going the whole nine yards for an eco-friendly birthday party

Throwing a birthday party may be a great idea to make the person feel special, but birthday parties often leave a lot of trash behind that eventually ends up in landfills and harms the environment. It does not mean that you should stop celebrating your birthday, or any other occasion for that matter, but you can make these events clean and green with little planning and opting for earth friendly selection. Here are some of the simple but at the same time effective ways to make your party more sustainable. Continue reading Going the whole nine yards for an eco-friendly birthday party