OSP: A Robotic fence to contain and clean oil spills!

osp 1

There is something deadly about oils spills that go way beyond just loss of fuel. It is not just a waste of natural resource but more importantly is hazard to the environment that is much like a cancer. The oil spill spreads on the surface of the water and kills sea life with deadly effects. One of the main concerns during an oil spill is not just cleaning it up, but initially containing the spill so that it does not spread and cause greater damage. Modern Robotics makes sure that the spill does not spread and OSP is the name of that fabulous technological marvel.

There are some new bots called OSP on the drawing board. Using advance robotics, these guys autonomously work together to contain an oil spill by surrounding it with an inflatable barrier. Once contained, clean-up crews can jump in and suck the oil out. With the help of its simple and modular structure, OSP unit can be transported to the accident site rapidly and commence its mission immediately. Like a torpedo and mine operation in navy, OSP can be deployed from a helicopter or boat and accomplish its mission through the multi-robot control algorithms.

osp 2

I do think that this is a fabulous boon when it concerns to nature and environment. It allows us to save both precious marine life and minimize the damage caused by oil spills. The next time there is an oil spill; I expect this to be around to make sure that everything is cleaned up quick and fast!