Where can I order eco friendly napkins online?

I am looking for eco friendly napkins as I want to help nature by giving my best and when yesterday I went to market to buy a napkin for myself I realized that I should go for eco friendly napkins. Though there were no napkins available in market that are eco friendly. So I want to know few sites from where I can order eco friendly napkins online. I am residing in Toronto, Canada.

  1. I am very happy to see that you are really eager to use some eco friendly napkins. I have seen very few people thinking in this regards. Until most of the people catch onto the benefits of using hemp for napkins, and hundreds of other products, it will be difficult to find eco hemp napkins in the stores. There are fortunately lot of places online to choose from to purchase your set of green linens. I am recommending few online sites from where you can easily order and get them. 1. Rawganique: It is an online retailer that sells dozens of hemp and organic products from soap to yoga mats, offers sweat-free napkins in sage, forest, ivory, burgundy, evening haze and indigo. 2. EcoKitchen: If you are interested in buying several products to green your kitchen along with the napkins then check out for EcoKitchen. 3. Abundance Foundation: If you really want to go all the way with eco friendly, socially conscious shopping buy from the Abundance Foundation. They offer beautiful, natural-looking napkins. The proceeds are donated towards local food, renewable energy and community projects. Now I am sure you will really have no problem in getting those eco friendly napkins.

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