Orange Power Wellies to charge cellphones using heat from your feet

orange power welly 1

Eco Factor: Power Wellies with power generating sole convert heat into electric current.

Orange has been working on sustainable ways to help recharge your personal electronic devices for quite some time now. The company earlier created the solar-powered tent concept and this year they have teamed up with GotWind to create the Orange Power Wellies.

orange power welly 2

The Orange Power Welly uses a unique power generating sole that converts heat from your feet into an electrical current. This “welectricity” can then be used to recharge your mobile phone. Twelve hours of stomping in your Orange Power Wellies will give you enough power to charge a mobile phone for one hour. To increase the length of time you can charge your phone for, simply hot step it to the dance tent because the hotter your feet get, the more energy you produce.

The power collected in the sole is generated via a process known as the ‘Seebeck Effect‘. Inside the power generating sole there are thermoelectric modules constructed of pairs of p-type and n-type semiconductor materials forming a thermocouple. These thermocouples are connected electrically forming an array of multiple thermocouples (thermopile). They are then sandwiched between two thin ceramic wafers. When the heat from the foot is applied on the top side of the ceramic wafer and cold is applied on the opposite side, from the cold of the ground, electricity is generated.

orange power welly 3

Thanks for the tip: [Andrew Lim]