OODA designs Busan’s Opera House in the form of a seashell

Busan's Opera House

OODA, Portuguese architecture design firm has proposed a unique natural topographical design for the Busan Opera House in Busan, South Korea. Its architecture is in the shape of a seashell placed near sea. It is a perfect example of creativity and innovation.

This building will be one of its type that will add beauty to the landscape instead of cluttering it like the others building do. It serves as the source of inspiration for the whole world as it is a perfect blend of creativity and innovation promoting nature and its gifts.

The new Opera House is based on a flexible design concept. It has flexible seating arrangements and stage locations which makes it appropriate to accommodate both small and as well as a large number of audiences. This Opera House can be used for various other activities and it has fine restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping malls, exhibition spaces, halls and various other rooms within its charming structure.

It has been designed beautifully keeping in mind the ecological factors as well. Care has been taken to utilize most of the natural light, to provide proper cross ventilation and scenic views. Both interior and exterior of this building are superb that could make it one of the best buildings throughout the world.

Via: Evolo