Eco friendly ‘On’ electric car – travel green in the cities of future

cally damien on EymZg 5784 Well, well, folks are actually getting serious about alternative traveling options over today’s fuel guzzling ones. Damien Cally too didn’t want to miss the bus and here’s his version of a solution to this urban problem of pollution and congestion. Hoping that in the next two decades, the number of pedestrian areas, esplanades and parks will increase in urban centres, Damien has designed ‘On’, a Segway look-alike two-wheeler that intends to make our daily commuting to work or other short distance stopovers less stressful. cally damien on1 28NHg 5784 This communal electric car combines the flexibility and speed of a privately owned car with the ecological benefits of public transportation. Designed for short city travel, On‘s aesthetic derives from the driving position involved, making it both remarkable and easy to understand. Though not much is understood about its other features that we would love to know. The energy autonomy of On, the reduction in the number of cars downtown and, the social implications of the system will demonstrate the social awareness of the On community. Its also comes with comfortable parking option. Looks cool and inviting in white with green trimmings.