Old shipping containers tuned into eco friendly cabin

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Here’s a novel way to get yourself an eco friendly home. Paul and Scott Stankey, of hive Modular, got themselves a couple of discarded 20-ft long shipping containers for $800 each and over the course of 9 mine years, turned them into these stupendous rustic cabins at a total cost of $15,000! The brilliantly solid cabins feature a sleeping unit, a kitchen as well as a storage room making them a perfect housing solution created from recycled materials.

stankey6 RuaGV 1333

The cabins currently stand on foundation piers, though I’m sure an innovative mind could see the potential for using discarded truck tyres as a foundation for them. The Stankey’s have plans to make the design available as prefab cabins ready for sale at some point in the future which, I dare say could be a great option for relocating disaster struck population or even a handy second home in the mountains or by the beach!

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Source: Haute Nature