Natural banana peel to act efficiently as water purifier

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A team of scientists have fumbled upon a startling discovery. Their report published in ACS’s journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research indicates that minced banana peel performs much better than a plethora of other purification materials, when used in water.

Gustavo Castro and his colleagues have found that wastes from industrial, mining and even agricultural processes can severely affect the condition of waterways especially by deposition of heavy metals such as lead and copper. Such harmful components can have adverse effect on health and environment; but at the same time, the methods of removing them can prove to be costly, cumbersome as well as pernicious in the long run.

Henceforth, many researchers have tried to find out the chemical free ‘naturalistic’ solution for this dilemma. As a matter of fact, plant wastes such as coconut fiber and peanut shells have been previously used to remove potential toxins from water. The researchers found that minced banana peel could in fact quickly and efficiently remove lead and copper from rivers at a much improved level than other materials. According to their test, a purification contraption composed of minced banana peel can be used up to eleven times without losing its metal-binding properties. Moreover, they are of much less cost and fully natural in their embodiment.

Via: ScienceDaily