Norway holds on to the power of wind

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Many a times it happens so that we overlook our own gold mines and desire to look into other’s resources. The same hold true for Norway too. This beautiful Scandinavian country is no doubt one of the world’s leading oil and gas exporters, but is also richer with one more natural resource in abundance. Just that they aren’t making optimum use of it till now. Supposed to be among the worlds most ideal locations for wind power, both on the coast and offshore, this place sadly produces only a little less than one percent of its electricity from this green energy source. With just 15 wind parks now, there are signs of change, however, as concerns over falling oil reserves and global warming become more prominent, with some 150 new installations either authorized or are awaiting permits.

The tiny, gusty island of Utsira, off Norway’s southwestern coast, measures just six square kilometers and is a home to 210 inhabitants. But it has become a virtual laboratory for innovative wind power technologies. The island’s two wind turbines, towering 40 meters (130 feet) in the air on a small hill overlooking several red-painted wooden houses, produce more energy than the small community can use.

Even the companies are now waking up and gearing to develop new technology to make it possible to place monster wind turbines out at sea where winds are stronger and there are few people to complain about noise levels and obstructed views.

Via Yahoonews