No electricity charge -Wind Up phone charger


Mobile phones are no more considered luxury. They have become essential and an integral part of our life. Most of us can not do without them. Their utility does not stop with just communication. They have replaced laptops, video games, MP3 player and not to mention camera. But what is a cell phone that has run out of charge especially at a very crucial time? Most of us would have faced such a situation and one can’t get more frustrated. But no more sweat, no more to fret because the eco-friendly Wind Up phone charger will come for our rescue.

It requires no electricity, completely renewable in terms of energy that it uses – wind energy that is available in plenty. A minute or two of churning its fishing reel style crank and your phone comes back to life. It gives your phone an extra 30 minutes of power. In addition, the device also has a built-in crank powered light that should find its use when there is an unexpected power cut and you have misplaced your phone especially if you are in an unknown place. Just slip it into your bag for eternity so you would be sure to carry it wherever you go. This handy and friendly little gadget is all yours at the rate of $12.

via : Uberphones