New material may help increase fuel efficiency

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Much of the energy generated by gas is not used and up to 75% is wasted. Researchers at Ohio State University have thus tried to utilize this energy, which would otherwise be wasted, thanks to a new thermoelectrical material. The material produces electricity like the conventional engines. However, since it uses electrons to generate electricity directly, it doesn’t need water or gases to do the job. The material consists of sodium-doped lead telluride and thallium which doubles the efficiency level when compared with earlier materials. It is also suited very well for use in engines and at 230 degrees Celsius, it can convert heat to electricity and help run the vehicles more efficiently while using less diesel or petrol. The thermoelectric device could be improvised with other discoveries and it might take more than 5 years to actually develop it. Being very toxic, thallium needs to be encased but can be recycled. Researchers are now working towards discovering a chemical that is less toxic than thallium.


Via: ENN