New bacteria strain helps biofuel production from cellulosic biomass


Eco Factor: Development of bacteria strain helps in sustainable biofuel production.

Development of sustainable biofuels is an essential prerequisite to abandon our fossil fuel habit. With microorganisms leading the way, a research team at the University of Wisconsin has developed a strain of bacteria which could help in cost effective extraction of energy from cellulosic biomass. The find is expected to inject relative ease into the otherwise difficult process of breaking down plant cell walls to extract sugar molecules for producing biofuel from cellulosic biomass comprising trees, brush and certain grasses. The research is vital in light of the fact that a lot of stress is already being laid production of sustainable cellulosic biomass, comprising non-food trees such as poplar which can be grown on marginal lands with less water and even less pesticide and herbicide usage, to meet our growing energy needs.

Via: Clean Technica