Nature still holds the key to modern science: IMOD display imitates butterfly wings

qualcomm imod

It was only a week back that I wrote about how solar cells were being refined & made more efficient by scientists observing the pattern in the eyes of moths. Now we have the leading display technology of the world claiming that they created their technology by mimicking butterfly wings. Well, that sounds simple. Actually it ain’t so. While it is easy to destroy a leaf, a twig, trample on a flower or kill an animal; it is impossible toe replicate them to perfection. Despite all the frontiers that science has conquered over the years, the mystery still is very much intact; the mystery of life. Sure we can make many things out of lifeless objects, but can we give that ‘vital force’ to create life from inanimate objects?

While Qualcomm has not reached that zenith level, it sure as hell seems to have done one heck of a job by mimicking nature. Engineers at this place have taken a very basic principle of light as a stream of photons; namely interference & turned it into technology. While a butterfly wing looks simple, it uses a complicated interference pattern embedded in it with its genetic structure to make it dazzle in its entire splendor.

Qualcomm has used this pattern by the process of advance biomimetics to create Qualcomm IMOD. They have created a screen that does not need much of a power in any situation & is most often self-luminous, except in complete darkness. It is much clearer than an LCD picture & has much better presentation of vivid colors. While an LCD screen uses huge amounts of energy for its screen display, this technology cuts it down a lot.