Natural gas to be produced using fertilizers and microbes!

natural gas molecule

The world is scrambling around trying to find new ways and sources so as to ensure that its dwindling energy sources do not dry out completely one fine morning. While it is very much a reality that the natural gas and petroleum resources are going to be all but empty not too far from now, it is also important to try and maximize the usage of these gifts of nature that are becoming scant with each passing day. While it is always wonderful to see that the world is trying to shift its focus away from the exhaustible sources and towards the renewable, it is also important to utilize the remaining coal and petroleum sources to the fullest.

In this endeavor to make sure that no stone is unturned or should I say no drop of petroleum is unutilized, scientists have come up with a unique way to convert old and exhausted oil fields into natural gas beds. While old oil fields might be empty and useless for the money-making oil tycoons, the innovators see them quite differently. With the growing need for natural gas, Canadian and English researchers have devised a new method in which micro organisms convert the remaining, inextricable drops of petrol in soil in to natural gas.

Researchers from the Great Britain and Canada have found out that the microbes convert natural petroleum in to natural gas and this process can be made faster by about a few million years if one uses the right fertilizers! This means that all the old oil wells that are now redundant once again can gain plenty of importance and more essentially can supply the world with an energy source again. The technology is obviously not in full commercial practice and it might take some time to get there. Hopefully that won’t be too long.