Museo Casa Enzo: Modena’s Enzo Ferrari museum is a green edifice

The legendary founder of the Italian sports car giant Ferrari, Enzo Anselmo Ferrari gets a museum in his birthplace in Modena, Italy. The incredibly designed Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari situates on the site of Enzo Ferrari’s house. Spreading over 5,000 square meters, the Enzo Ferrari museum, like most of modern day structures, integrates a variety of power saving measures. It has an astounding yellow aluminum roof shaped like a car bonnet and features several air holes that haul natural warmth into the interior.

The Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari opens in Modena

The museum was originally designed by architect Jan Kaplicky, who tragically passed away when the project was midway. The designer’s protégé Andrea Morgante later finished the work. Morgante accomplished the dream of his mentor, who wanted it to be an art gallery rather than a place for hard core motoring. Well, the museum is now an encyclopedia on the life of the Ferrari founder. Inside the edifice, hallways, stalls and corridors are specially formed embedding the memory of Enzo Ferrari. There is a ‘multimedia path’ that takes you through the most noteworthy events in the life of the great race car driver and Ferrari founder.

The most attractive part of the museum is its yellow aluminum roofing. The designer has selected a different color for the roof instead of Ferraris’ ‘rossa corso’ red due to two reasons. Firstly, yellow is traditionally attached with Modena and secondly it is the color Ferrari selected for the background of his firm’s celebrated ‘prancing horse’ logo.

Via: Independent