Moville: A drop of green magic – Eco Delight!

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In the last week alone we must have come across no less than a couple of dozen concept car models from the 5th Peugeot Design Contest 2008, and it seems that the concept car fest has attracted designers from across the globe to put out their best work and then stick a Peugeot logo on it! Very clever and very practical too, as it helps both up-and-coming designers as well as the company put each other in the spotlight. For now though the strategy seems to have really taken off, and considering that almost every concept design is going green, one cannot overlook how quickly the automobile industry has embraced the green path toward the future and is actually capitalizing on it!

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Woo-Ram Lee of France has crafted an enigmatic piece of eco magic; a droplet of green goodness if you may call it so. Moville is a magical concept design that is radically different from anything else that the contest has seen and is a single-seater that is perfect for city commuting in a future world. It looks more like a giant ice-cream cone on wheels, and while that might not be apt to say, I only mean it in the nicest of ways being a food-lover. This eco-friendly auto consists of a tear shaped capsule over an electric drive train while the three magnetic ball wheels render frictionless motion through electromagnets.

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The Moville is programmed with an artificial intelligence and this robotic car is capable of recognizing its owner and welcomes him/her with open doors. Fitted with a self-driving feature, it can also be manually driven with wireless digital gadgets like cell phones and portable game consoles. This compact drop shaped car’s Omni-directional wheels facilitate effortless parking. Equipped with proximity sensors, cameras, and GPS, Moville can drive and park automatically. With features to incorporate photovoltaic cells on the second sliding door and with its unique new look; it is very likely that the Moville will be a green dream for the future.
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Via: thedesignblog