Mixer/Ejector Wind Turbine to produce 50% more power!

wind turbines
If the image of the wooden wind mills comes to your mind, when you hear wind turbines, then it is not exactly your fault. We haven’t really seen any cutting-edge developments taking place in this specific field. They all remain the same, be it performance or looks. But the wind turbines that will be loaded with the newest concept round the corner, known as the Mixer/Ejector Wind Turbine (MEWT), patented by FloDesign Wind Turbine Corporation.

This design is claimed to produce a good amount of usable power using wind energy efficiently with its mixer/ejector technology and fluid machinery than its older predecessors. Resembling the huge jet engines with its horizontal axis, this wind turbine looks promising. Its small blades would rotate faster and use both the higher and lower wind speed to generate power.

Using the cambered ringed airfoils or shrouds in a stator-rotor turbine cascade design, the turbine would generate more power and draw in more wind with the help of the mixer/ejector pump, which works equally well. It appears to be safer, more efficient and also a lot more quite than the larger wind turbines.

The expert team working on this design seems to be quite confident about its producing more than 50% of power in comparison to the conventional wind turbines. It is not only 50% smaller in size than the 3-Bladed Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine or HAWT but would even cost less by 25% to 35%, smaller yet very cost-effective.

Keeping in mind the energy crisis we are fast moving to, this efficient wind turbines sound like quite like a pat on the shoulder.
Source: Ecogeek