MIT students want you to stomp hard to generate electricity

step by step

The era of renewable energy generation now has humans as the generators. Some MIT students want you to walk on a specially designed floor that will then generate electricity. The technique won the first place at the Holcim Foundation Sustainable Construction competition in Japan.

The idea is that the floor would contain a sub-floor made up of several blocks that would slightly depress when someone stepped on it. The block would slip against each other as people walked on top, this energy would then be used to generate electricity following the principles of dynamo.

The technique won’t work as much as it should if the number of people crossing on top of this unconventional generator is less, a single step would be able to light a 60W bulb for just a second, however, when the number of people increases the electricity output also increases and the output can then be used to light up signs.

Via: Crave