MiraQua: Ergonomic EV tries to redefine the urban commute

miraqua 4

It is interesting to see the amount of time and effort that modern designers are putting in to design urban commuting vehicles that will help solve the planet’s problem. It just goes to showcase the problem that urban agglomeration is causing in the modern cities across the globe. Everyone wants to own their own means of transportation and in most cases a car for four is used by an individual or couple. Wastage of fuel, space and resources is prevalent thanks to this. But designs like MiraQua try to provide a simple solution.

miraqua 2

MiraQua (Miracle + Aqua), designed by Chaoyi Li, defies the conventional car design that we are used to by creating a whole new front wing that can be ramped up for a spacious entrance. There is ample space on inside and this can be either used as lavish foot room or to carry around considerable load. The all-electric vehicle reduces the on-road space that it takes up with its flowing design and compact style. While the space on the outside is reduced, the inside is designed to maximize the available area.

miraqua 3

The electric drive-train makes maneuvering of the car easy on the congested urban roads and you can squeeze it through the traffic during the rush hour a lot more easily than in the case of current cars. It takes up less parking space and obviously ensures that the roads are rid of carbon-emissions.

miraqua 1

Simple, stylish and perfect for the daily travel, MiraQua is definitely like a miraculous little drop of water that aims to make up a sea of green commuting vehicles for the roads of the future.

Via: James Dyson Award